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North Glassock Boarding Kennels are owned and run by retired veterinary surgeon, George Leslie and his wife Nancy. With them are two full time members of staff, Jennifer and Kathryn. A team of four part-time staff help out at weekends and holidays. George and Nancy try to ensure that there is one member of staff for every 10 occupied kennel spaces to ensure good contact between boarders and responsible staff.

There are 30 dog kennel spaces ranging in size from 1.2m by 0.8m to 2.5m square. Within this space your dog has its bed. We supply “Dry Bed” or “Vet Bed” but encourage owners to bring a blanket and toys from home. The kennels are in four units, each with electric heating.

Adjacent to the kennel buildings are 15 runs about 5m by 7m in size and we also have about 5 acres of fields and woodland for dog walking once we are sure that the dogs will walk safely on the lead and are easy to control.

There are 10 cat kennel spaces. Each cat has a pen about 2m square within which there is a cat house with bedding and a heater. We have additional isolation kennels for both cats and dogs.

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All boarders must have a vaccination certificate to show that the boarder has had a vaccination recommended by your own vet within the previous 12 months. We require to retain a copy of your vaccination certificate while your pet is boarding with us. We would advise owners to include Kennel Cough Vaccination even though it does not provide 100% protection. We would advise all owners to deworm and deflea their pets before boarding. From April 2016 all dog boarders must be microchipped.

Each owner must sign a booking form – a copy of which is displayed here. The kennels are insured to cover any injury or minor ailment which happens during the boarding period, but we would always advise all owners to consider Pet Insurance in case of major illnesses. The booking form will have the name of your veterinary surgeon and if the distance is not too great we will take your pet to their own vet if they are sick. If your pet is on existing medication then we shall administer it but please give us detailed written instruction as to dosages and times for administration.

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We try to feed your pet with a similar diet to what they have at home, but if your pet is on a special diet then we will ask you to supply some to cover the boarding period. We keep two different types of complete meal, plus various types of tinned food and various forms of cold meat to tempt appetites and a variety of treats. There is no reduction in boarding fees if you supply your own food since it takes much longer to feed all the dogs if each is on a different diet.

We will ask for a contact number which can be a family member or friend or your own mobile if it will be easy of access when you are on holiday. If you are interested in using our boarding kennels then you are welcome to come and view the kennels. The kennels are open from 9.00am to 5.00pm every day, although we would request those who wish to view to come if possible between 11.00am and 3.00pm.

For further information or to book your dog or cat into the kennels or to enquire about boarding fees phone 01560 600246.

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